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A great passion of mine is caring for the homeless, and I’m the owner of two shelters in the most poverty-stricken areas of Chicago. When Fay Servicing came into the picture, my shelters risked being closed. My Account Manager did everything she could to see how she could help me. She listened to me cry out for help while being patient and caring. It’s a miracle she was able to reduce our loan amount. I can’t say it enough; I am grateful to her and her team. I can never thank Fay Servicing enough. They even donated coats to my shelter last winter!
Jacqueline Kennedy, Chicago, IL
Jacqueline K.
Chicago, IL
Fay Servicing helped my family during a time when my daughter needed and received a heart transplant. My Account Manager has always been helpful, kind, caring, and a great listener! I am so grateful for my experience with Fay Servicing and that my Account Manager made me feel like my family and I are all part of the Fay family!
Terri Benoit and child, Portland, CT
Terri B.
Portland, CT
I bought my home in 2006, and what followed was lengthy litigation and horrible experiences. It was a blessing when Fay got my mortgage. I was assigned an Account Manager immediately, and from that point on, it has been an incredible experience. During this time I also battled cancer, and have lost many family members to the disease, but my Account Manager got me a loan modification. It was just incredible! This is really a good company.
Carol Walls, Washington, SC
Carol W.
Washington, SC
My mother is older and could no longer afford or care for her home. Fay Servicing has been helpful since they first reached out. Our Account Manager was extremely patient with my mom to help her authorize me to discuss the loan. When my mom didn’t bring me a piece of mail, our Account Manager called to ensure we knew about the offer before it expired. She took great care to explain what we needed to do. Our Account Manager has done a wonderful job making this difficult process easy to understand.
Kim G.
Deby, KS
It’s been about five years since I first encountered Fay Servicing. Due to budget cuts and reorganization of my department, my hours at work were drastically reduced and I was no longer able to afford my mortgage payment. My Account Manager told me to call and apply with Keep Your Home California, which was very helpful. I’m so glad that I can now pay my house bill with no problems. I’m very glad I had this experience with Fay Servicing and I really appreciate my Account Manager. He’s a wonderful person who will help you in any way he can.
Linda D.
Los Angeles, CA
There were times during this process that I wanted to give up, but our Fay Servicing team reassured me they would do everything to get us to that finish line. They went above and beyond, and the team helped us feel as though we had won a gold medal! Thank you for not giving up. You proved that we can trust people who are truly just trying to help. Our team was the best!
Audrey Y.
Portsmouth, VA

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