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Convenient Payment Options!

You now have the ability to make your monthly mortgage payment using debit cards or cash for a vendor processing fee of $4.99.

These can be accessed by

  • Cash Payments at Participating Retail Stores:

    • 7-Eleven

    • CVS

    • Walmart

      • Accessed through the PayNearMe Retail Payment Section

      • Note limit: $1500.00 per transaction, per day (24 hours)

  • Apple and Google Pay Wallet

    • Set up in PayNearMe for debit card payments

    • QR Code Debit Card Link on Monthly Billing Statements

      • Found on the second page of the billing statement for click to pay with your debit card

Please note, all current options for paying with bank accounts remain available online and by calling 1-800-495-7166 without charge.

Customers can also visit the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) Consumer Access website at

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