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What to Expect from Us.


We know that having your loan transferred from one servicer to another can be confusing, so we want to make sure you know exactly what to expect throughout the process. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Sample Welcome Letter

What to Expect During the Servicing Transfer Process

Take note of the servicing transfer date in the notice that you received from your current mortgage servicing company. This is the date when Fay Servicing becomes your mortgage servicer and can begin to assist you with your loan. Your current mortgage servicer will continue to assist you up to the servicing transfer date.

A few days after the servicing transfer date, Fay Servicing will send you a Welcome Package with your new loan number and other important information. Your Fay Welcome Package will look like the one to the right but will contain your information where appropriate.

Photo 3 - FMS SEM PAGE (2).png

Register for Secure Online Access with Your New Fay Loan Number

Once you register for online access, you can manage your account by yourself. Your online account will give you the ability to set up auto-pay, review your loan details and recent activity, and see your escrow account information all in one place. You will also be able to go paperless and receive many documents, including monthly statements, electronically. Please note, if your account is past due, you may be unable to make payments online.

To Register for your Fay Servicing online account after you receive your welcome letter, please follow these steps:

1. Note your Fay Servicing loan number in the upper right-hand corner of your letter.

2. Go to the Online Portal HERE


If you already made a payment to your current mortgage servicer and that payment wasn’t due until after the servicing transfer date, don’t worry, your current mortgage servicer will forward the payment to Fay Servicing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have set up auto pay through your bank, please change your payee information for your mortgage to Fay Servicing, LLC and include your new Fay account number.

Next year, you may have two year-end 1098 statements regarding interest on your mortgage loan: one from us and one from your previous servicing organization. You will need both to file your taxes for the year. The one from us will be available in your online account after January 31. If you do not register for an online account, the 1098 will be mailed to you.

Nothing about how your property taxes are paid is changing. If you have an escrow account, Fay Servicing will pay your property taxes from escrow. If you do not have an escrow account, you are responsible for paying your property taxes.

  1. Upload your insurance policy information at

  2. The Express Insurance Info website is available 24/7 via computer or smart phone.

  3. To access, simply enter customer first and last name, property address, and policy number.

  4. Then attach your insurance policy, up to three, and hit submit.

  5. When prompted, please enter the numerical code: 3143841 

  6. Once your policy information has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation that your documents have been successfully uploaded and received.

You can also send the information by fax to: 1-248-781-9345

Submit Proof of Homeowners Insurance

Insurance Mortgagee Clause

Your current mortgage servicer will notify your insurance company of your new loan number and will change the mortgagee on your homeowner’s insurance to the following address: 


Fay Servicing


P.O. Box 7047

Troy, MI 48007-7047

Optional Insurance

If you have any other additional insurance, including mortgage, life or disability insurance, those policies will not transfer to us, and the insurance will be discontinued. Please contact your insurance carrier regarding continuing coverage.

For All Other Questions Please Call Customer Service

Residential Customers: 1-800-495-7166

Commercial Customers: 1-888-201-3780

Customers can also visit the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) Consumer Access website at

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